When “GOD Shows Up”

(Taken From my November 13, 2006 MySpace Blog)

I was recently reflecting on how God consistently shows up in the midst of stress, pain and discomfort.  And, as I was thinking about it, I realized He is consistent, period.  He is consistent, in that He is always here, always caring, always thinking good for us.  He is always acting, always moving, always in the business of working things out.  On the contrary, we are never consistent.  I do not consistently love and act on the behalf of others.  I can’t even say that I consistently care.  I’d like to, but I don’t want to lie.

The reason we think He’s “shown up” in those times of stress, pain and discomfort is because it is then that we are looking for Him.  It is then that we are listening.  It is then that we “show up”.  It is in those intense times that we aren’t busy trying to do it all ourselves, in our own power, with our own capable hands.  We may prefer to be in an arena that we are comfortable in, that we are competent in, where we expect things to go well—we expect it to work.  We expect that God will move when He needs to, or when He wants to.  Until then, until He’s ready to do something spectacular, we can and will handle it for Him.

In that attitude of heart, we require Him to shout over our own voice to let us know if there is a different plan, a directional change, or even a personnel change He’d like to enact.  We don’t see that our pride and arrogance cloud our thoughts and plans, our deceived heart skews our perception.

On the other hand, when He calls us to step and act out of our comfort zone we are quick to listen, desperate to hear and we view the task ahead of us through our weakness.  He is consistent.  He is faithful.  And, He shows up in a powerful, spectacular way.  It strengthens us, builds our faith and draws us into the heart of this Beautiful Being.

Imagine what the church would look like, and how it would impact the world, if in those areas of comfort and competence (that He has designed into us), we actually were quick to listen, desperate to hear, and recognized that our strengths were absolute weakness when set beside the competence of God.  And, it’s not just competence as we understand competence.  It is competence that is woven with love, enacted through kindness and delivered with compassion.  It is perfect competence!

I believe that is how He desires us to be.  He’s designed those areas of competence, strength and creativity in us so that are a good instrument, that when we know what He is wanting to do or speak, we can put it into action in such a way that it is a song of worship.  A song that, when delivered, blesses, encourages and strengthens the church and ourselves.  A song that brings the power of the Spirit to the forefront and sets hearts afire!  

This thought journey began with my being grateful that I was ill and in pain much of today and that I missed church this evening because of it.  I was at home when our old (fire hazard torchiere) floor lamp broke at the base and landed on the loveseat.  This is the lamp we leave on low when we are away during hours of darkness.  Two hours would have passed till we would have arrived home to what would have been left of our house and pets. 

It only takes a few seconds for a halogen bulb to get hot enough to start a fire.  The side note of significance is that I was feeling much better, pretty good even, within 15 minutes of the meeting having started.  So, hey, He showed up both places!  Praise God for His faithfulness in all things!  It only took a few seconds for my heart to be set afire.

I have to say that I believe what Jeremiah 29:11 says.  He has plans for good for me, plans to prosper me, a future in Him, and that gives me hope.  I also believe that He really does like me!

Praise God that He showed up and never left. 


~ by dkw16 on February 3, 2007.

3 Responses to “When “GOD Shows Up””

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  2. My Friend has a picture you all might want to see.. I sure hope she decides to leave it for you.. That is how I found your site, I was checking the phrasing and you came right up..

  3. Friend of Deb’s from Pennsylvania… please go to the attached… my daughter singing… only hope…

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