Yes, I Am Offended!

(Taken From My January 2, 2007 MySpace Blog) I’d like to think I’ not easily offended.  Truth be told, when I spend time in the Word I regularly wrestle with something that offends me on some level.  I avoided the old testament for long periods of time because of this.  I thought it wasn’t okay to be offended by God. 

Early in my walk I would ask older and wiser persons how they reconciled these areas, how they didn’t turn and run from God.  What I most often found is that people chose to ignore the offensive parts of God’s Word.  They preferred a kind of blind faith, embraced a “Father knows best” posture and pushed it from their minds.   On some level this is not a bad thing, to accept what we don’t understand and to trust.  But, honestly, that never worked for me.  I have to engage it. 

Over time and repeated reading of the Word, I have pressed into some of those issues.  And, so, I have come to terms with God hardening Pharaoh’s heart, the time versus distance that the Israelites wandered in the desert, Job being set-up by God, that Mary and/or Joseph had to be punished for a sin they didn’t commit, that the life of John the Baptist ended as it did…

One of these original offenses has been on my mind and heart lately.  God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, the one He referred to as Abraham’s only son, his beloved son, the one that He had promised a nation outnumbering the stars through.  And, Abraham, for his part, was ready and willing to do what God asked of him.  He trusted, feared and loved God enough to follow through with an unthinkable act.  I cannot enumerate the doubts and issues this raised for me regarding this God person and this “father Abraham” guy.  As a mother of one wonderful daughter, I don’t know that I could have done that.  I would have likely said, “No.  I can’t.  You can take me.  But don’t ask that of me.”  

I’ve learned that it is alright, even good, that we are offended on some level with these issues.  We need to process through them and the reasons they offend us.  These offenses are invitations from God for conversation, for relationship.  They are the springboard for diving deep into the mystery and wading in the heart and mind of God.  They are a gift.  They are a blessing.  It is no wonder that the enemy would have us ignore them.   

We don’t have to fear His reaction to our questions and doubts.  He is not like us.  He won’t get defensive or mean, give us the silent treatment or reject us.  He will reach out and draw us into His embrace as He calms us and reveals truth through His eyes. God accepted and chose flawed and imperfect me, imperfect you, out of love.  Through pain and tremendous sacrifice He offered up His only, perfect, beloved Son so that He could have a relationship with me, so that I could be a friend of His.  And through love that perfect, beautiful Son allowed Himself to be a sacrifice at the hands of the ruthless.  It was a terrible sacrifice, an offensive sacrifice.   

There is no doubt of their love and connection with one another.  Yet, each of them looked at each of us and said, “I love.  I desire.  My heart cannot be without!”  That offensive sacrifice is an invitation to be loved by One who loves perfectly.  That leaves no grounds for insecurity in our relationship with Him.  There is no reason to doubt His love for us, or our place in His heart.  He gave everything to hang out with us, to love on us!   

Working through this area that troubled and offended me, has been essential in getting me to a place where I understand and believe the unbelievable.  He loves me!  He really loves me!  He loves me more than I can understand and more than I can relate to.   


~ by dkw16 on February 11, 2007.

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