We fixed it!

This message is temporary and will eventually go away. But… I wanted to let you know that we fixed it… you no longer have to be a wordpress member to  leave a comment. Sorry about that! I totally forgot to check that.

 Feel free to leave comments now!


~ by Christine on February 18, 2007.

One Response to “We fixed it!”

  1. Deb indeed was one wise and awesome woman of God….I find myself missing her and smiling through tears! I see the many many mp3 players (sorry but I’m a giver and apparently it’s something Deb liked a lot an knew to be a shared weakness, if you choose to look at it that way) A couple of my larger journals, books and music…tons of music along with teachings. Deb blessed beyond me into the lives of those here in Romania. She didn’t get to come and yet so many people are blessed by her generosity (along with Christine, who spent just as many hours putting mp3’s together). I just realized the last vacation we took together was to KC IHOP, which will continue to be one of my favorite places. Ok…so now for something cool and funny…

    Upon my expected visits, the refrigerator would be stocked with tea and sprite…my jog to the restroom immediately upon entering the house was expected and thought strange if it didn’t occur..we both laughed about this…it would be hello Deb and off to the bathroom…She always kept me current on the latest worship music (which we both adored) and teachings that was out. Something that was certain is we never lacked anything to talk about. No matter how much space or time lapsed between us. This was always sooo cool to me. I know that when I make my usual trip home for the year that it will be very strange…..strange. (ok something we had laughed about is that most people have lots of things on their computer and upgrade because there are too many files…the truth is mine and Deb’s computers were upgraded so that we could hold more music or teachings…LOL…We would rather delete a text file or upgrade than to get rid of any music…).

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